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11. University of Cambridge - Faculty of Economics
Home page of the Faculty of Economics and Politics, and Department of Applied Economics, University of Cambridge, UK

12. University of Wisconsin - School of Business
     Founded in 1900, the Wisconsin School of Business is one of the first five business programs in the nation.  That pioneering spirit has remained over the decades as we aim to shape the future of business higher education through innovations in how and what we teach and in our research endeavors.
     We are the gateway to a premier alumni network of successful leaders in business and beyond.

13. Yale University - Shool of Management
     Our mission is to educate leaders for business and society.
     This mission attracts intellectually curious and globally aware people who want to become part of Yale University, one of the most eminent universities in the world. Yale excels in each of the three broad arcs of knowledge - the social sciences, the physical sciences, and the humanities. It has superb professional schools in law, divinity, medicine, and the environment, and the university is energized by an extraordinary college.

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