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A few interesting (free) books.

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21. Kimball's Biology Pages
The pages represent an online biology textbook.
It has always seemed to me that the many parts that make up the subject of biology are related to each other more like the nodes of a web than as a linear collection of independent topics. So I believe that the power of hypertext will be better suited to learning about biology than is the linear structure of a printed textbook.

22. Learning Science Through Computer Games and Simulations
Margaret A. Honey and Margaret Hilton, Editors; Committee on Science Learning: Computer Games, Simulations, and Education; National Research Council
Authoring Organizations
At a time when scientific and technological competence is vital to the nation's future, the weak performance of U.S. students in science reflects the uneven quality of current science education. Although young children come to school with innate curiosity ... Read More

23. Living Economics
     Living Economics provides real-world stories, cutting-edge Flash animations, test banks, and online lectures for economic teachers to customize their own principles textbooks. It is intended to serve primarily those teachers who have been searching for a principles textbook that teaches economic concepts from real-world stories instead of widgets. Living Economics is inspired by the time-honored practice of learning languages through immersion rather than remembering grammatical rules.

24. Materials Science - Wikibooks, open books for an open world
     Materials science is the study of the structural and functional properties of materials. It focuses on the factors inherent within materials that influence their properties. These factors include composition, the structure of the matter within the material and the type and quantity of defects that are present. It is a multidisciplinary subject that draws upon and feeds back to the learning in just about every field of science and engineering in some way or another placing the subject in a central role to many of the activities in these related subjects.
     This book is aimed at those studying materials science at the undergraduate level in university whether as their major field or as a single module of a related engineering course.

25. Materials Science and Engineering - MIT OpenCourseWare
     Students, professors, and researchers in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering explore the relationships between structure and properties in all classes of materials including metals, ceramics, electronic materials, and biomaterials.
     Our research leads to the synthesis of improved materials in response to challenges in the areas of energy, the environment, medicine, and manufacturing.
     Collaborating with industry, government, and other institutions, our research contributes to a broad range of fields. In a recent U.S. Army-funded study, we used nanotechnological methods to study the structure of scales of the fish Polypterus senegalus, leading to more effective ways of designing human body armor. In the MIT and Dow Materials Engineering Contest (MADMEC), student teams design and prototype devices to harness, store, and exploit alternative energy sources. With support from the Lord Foundation, the purchase of advanced equipment will allow us to build custom experimental equipment, develop and test prototypes, and even make a new part for an unmanned air vehicle.

26. Materials Science and Technology - Challenges for the Chemical Sciences in the 21st Century
     The report assesses the current state of chemistry and chemical engineering at the interface with materials science and identifies challenges for research. Recent advances are blurring the distinction between chemistry and materials science and are enabling the creation of new materials that, to date, have only been predicted by theory. These advances include a greater ability to construct materials from molecular components, to design materials for a desired function, to understand molecular "self-assembly, and to improve processes by which the material is "engineered" into the final product.

27. Materials Science Books - InTech Open
     InTech is a pioneer and world's largest multidisciplinary open access publisher of books covering the fields of Science, Technology and Medicine. Since 2004, InTech has collaborated with more than 70 000 authors and published 2004 books and 8 journals with the aim of providing free online access to high-quality research and helping leading academics to make their work visible and accessible to diverse new audiences around the world.

28. Mathematics - Free online books
The AMS Bookstore offers an extensive collection of books on the history of mathematics. Go to the links to browse specific titles.

29. Mathematics Books Online
General    Elementary Algebra & Trigonometry   Abstract Algebra   Mathematical Analysis & Calculus   Differential Equations  
Linear Algebra   Geometry & Topology   Mathematical Logic   Category Theory   Number Theory   Probability & Statistics  
Computational Mathematics   Applied Mathematics & Mathematical Physics   History of Mathematics & Popular Books

30. Motion Mountain - The Free Physics Textbook for Download
What do fireworks, love and butterflies have in common? How do muscles work?
How do colours appear? What kinds of levitation are possible? Why can we see the stars? Is time travel possible? What is the maximum force found in nature? Which problems in physics are still open? This free physics textbook provides the answers - and guarantees as much pleasure as whatever else you enjoy most in life.

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