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21. California Institute of Technology - Geological and Planetary Sciences
     We study the earth and planets in order to understand their origin, constitution, and development. The approach to these problems relies heavily on the basic Sciences. Programs of study and research are pursued in geology, geobiology, geochemistry, geophysics, planetary Science, and environmental Science and engineering. The curriculum is flexible so that students with degrees in biology, chemistry, engineering, or physics may carry out graduate work within the division. Interdisciplinary studies are encouraged and students may carry out academic and research programs within and between different divisions.

22. Cambridge Computational Biology Institute
     The CCBI has been set up to bring together the unique strengths of Cambridge in medicine, biology, mathematics and the physical Sciences. Its aim is to create a centre of excellence in research and teaching and to promote collaborations both within the Cambridge area and beyond.
     The research covers a diverse range of topics from the basic genetics of bacteria through to developmental biology, evolutionary biology and the complex cell biology of human disease, as well as the emerging field of systems biology. An integrated multidisciplinary approach will cover basic research as well as applications in healthcare and biotechnology.
     We are living in a very exciting time for biology: whole-genome sequencing has opened up the field of genome scale biology and with this a trend to larger-scale experiments. However it is also a time of great opportunity for small-scale biology as there is a new wealth of data to build from: one can turn to a computer to ask questions that previously might have taken months to answer in the laboratory. One of the great challenges for the field is analysing the large amounts of complex data generated, and synthesising them into useful systems-wide models of biological processes. Whether operating on a large or small scale the use of mathematical and computational methods is becoming an integral part of biological research.

23. Cambridge Institute for Medical Research
     The Cambridge Institute for Medical Research (CIMR) is a cross-departmental institute, within the University of Cambridge Clinical School, that is housed in the Wellcome Trust/MRC Building on the Addenbrooke's Hospital Site of the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.
     It provides a unique interface between basic and clinical Science that underpins its high level objective of determining and understanding the molecular mechanisms of disease.  Currently, CIMR comprises approximately 250 scientists, about a quarter of whom are graduate students.  They are organised into around 40 research groups each led by a Principal Investigator (PI) who, along with their group members, is also a member of one of seven home University departments (Medicine, Pathology, Medical Genetics, Clinical Biochemistry, Haematology or Clinical NeuroSciences).

24. Cambridge Institute for Medical Research - Studentships
Study and Studentships
     Around 20% of the 250 scientists at the CIMR are postgraduate students carrying out research towards a PhD degree. There is a balance of clinical (clinical training fellows or MBPhD students) and basic scientists.
     Graduate School of Biological, Medical and Veterinary Sciences

25. Cambridge Journal of Economics
     The Cambridge Journal of Economics, founded in the traditions of Marx, Keynes, Kalecki, Joan Robinson and Kaldor, welcomes contributions from heterodox economics as well as other social Science disciplines. Within this orientation the journal provides a focus for theoretical, applied, interdisciplinary, history of thought and methodological work, with strong emphasis on realistic analysis, the development of critical perspectives, the provision and use of empirical evidence, and the construction of policy. The Editors welcome submissions in this spirit on economic and social issues including, but not only, unemployment, inflation, the organisation of production, the distribution of the social product, class conflict, economic underdevelopment, globalisation and international economic integration, changing forms and boundaries of markets and planning, and uneven development and instability in the world economy.

26. Capella University - Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
General Information Technology specialization
Five of the top 10 fastest growing jobs that require bachelor's degrees are in the field of information technology. Position yourself to take advantage of a wide range of opportunities with this General Information Technology bachelor's specialization designed to build both technical and business skills, a combination that is increasingly valued by today's employers. Through your choice of electives, you can design a broad program that touches on several IT disciplines or narrow your focus to deepen your knowledge in your niche area of information technology, including networking, Web development, project management, or information security. People who choose this specialization are often pursuing entry- or senior-level technical specialist positions in a variety of IT-related fields.

27. Carolina - World class support for Science - Chemistry
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28. Carolina - World class support for Science - Life Science
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29. Carolina - World class support for Science - Physics
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30. Carolina - World class support for Science - Teacher Resources
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